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A Evaluation of Age Confidence

Our Age Confidence Facial Oil celebrated its first anniversary last week and we celebrated this by talking to wonderful women from all walks of life who work for Age Confidence and all the mantra.

The campaign had a phenomenal response. Celebrities, customers, brand owners and makeup artists told us what age trust means to them.

One of my favorites is the long-time Pai customer Phoebe (31), who sent us this message, which I only have to share!

The use of Echium & Amaranth Age Confidence Oil is the ultimate pampering ritual for me.

The next morning I wake up with well-groomed, supple and smooth skin – it's a nice feeling every time, like a little gift to myself!

To see the term "age trust" for a product instead of "anti-aging" was a breath of fresh air .

I find the term "anti-aging" disrespectful and depressing. It sounds like we're getting worse every day!

On the other hand, "age confidence" strengthens me, and above all it makes sense – you cannot be an "anti" age.

We all age and it is a beautiful thing, we are becoming smarter and more relaxed in our own skin and this process should be celebrated, shared and enjoyed, not demonized by the beauty industry and the media.

Ultimately, we're together, so let's grow together, celebrate who we are, and be confident and happy in our skin. "

Hear, Hear! A big thank you to Phoebe and everyone else who committed to Age Confidence 2014 .

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