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I was pleased to see that our now iconic rose hip bio-regenerated oil appeared in Ireland earlier this month EFM men's magazine:

" Multi Tasker – Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate

It may sound strange to apply oil to your skin, but this highly concentrated organic rosehip oil is incredibly soothing for just shaved and sensitive skin. A few drops contribute significantly to the moisturizing, healing and regeneration of the skin.

24 €, ’

But the play made me think that the poor male Pai fans out there don't often take a look at this blog!

While Pai has no male-specific area, sensitive skin is something that affects all of us.

For all complexion-conscious people, here are our three best pai tips for an uncomplicated skin care regime.

1. Geranium & Thistle combination cream

As the lightest of our moisturizers, this is a great starter cream for anyone taking their first steps in skin care. It absorbs immediately, so there are no sticky residues, and decongests and reduces the pore size to make the skin clear, smooth and even.

2. Rejuvenating Echium Eye Cream

While a complete anti-aging regime is out of reach for most men, you will look younger longer if you moisturize and nourish important areas. The eyes are the first place where you can reveal something. So dab a little of this gentle but effective cream once a day.

3. Rose hip organic regeneration oil

The advantages of this miracle product are listed above. However, if you have little time, this is really a one-stop shop for healthy, strong and vibrant skin. Pat a few drops on damp skin and let it work its magic overnight.

Have fun and if any of the men out there want to share their Pai experiences, we'd love to hear them!

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