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Acne after the pill: How to care for your skin after stopping the pill

We hear from so many women who have skin problems after stopping the pill – from oily, greasy skin to cystic acne.

The most common skin disorder after stopping the pill is acne in adults. I know how disturbing and confident it can be.

I don't want to give false hopes here by telling you that a single skin care product will enchant your spots! Everyone has different skin and hormone levels, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Even hormonal acne is extremely difficult to move with topical products. You have to look inside to find the cause.

The natural balance of your hormones can take time and patience. But there are a few things you can do to help your skin stop taking the pill.

Why do you get bad skin after taking the pill?

Female hormones are so fine-tuned that their balance is more like a tightrope walk.

When you take the birth control pill, your hormone levels are basically controlled so that pregnancy is prevented. When you stop, the carefully maintained hormone levels get out of balance. These hormonal imbalances take place on your skin and can lead to acne and oily or greasy skin after you stop taking the pill.

How do you get off the pill without getting acne?

Your hormones will eventually go off, but it can take some time – for some people it can be weeks, for others it can be many months or years.

Maintaining consistent skin care Cleaning routine without detergent helps fight acne after the pill. In this way, your diet becomes full of skin-promoting vitamins, minerals and the avoidance of inflammatory foods. Apricot, mango and dandelion tea are good skin foods.

There are some natural supplements that you can also consider to help rebalance your hormones after you stop taking the pill. I caught up with Lorna on NutriCentre to get her advice.

"The three most important nutritional supplements for balancing hormones after stopping the pill are:

Vitamin B6

Dose: 1 capsule daily with breakfast.

Vitamin B6 is really important for the hormonal balance. In this formula you will also receive all other "Bs" that offer additional support.

Agnus Castus

Dose: 2 capsules with breakfast.

This is a fantastic herb for balancing the menstrual cycle. It does not contain hormones per se, but naturally stimulates your body to balance. It is often recommended to relieve numerous PMS symptoms (premenstrual syndrome).

Plus Kenko Omega Supplement

Dose: See instructions on the label.

This is a really good all-round omega formula for women – to support hormone production and balancing.

All of these supplements should be used for at least three months, as it can take at least three menstrual cycles for the hormone correction to really take effect. "

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