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All the pieces You Must Know About Hand Wash Disinfectants

What does hand disinfectant do?

Hand disinfectants are usually alcohol-based gels that are used to kill bacteria and viruses on the hands when hand washing is not available. We are now encouraged more than ever to carry them with us and use them throughout the day to protect us.

Are hand disinfectants more effective than hand washing?

The best way to safely clean hands is to wash them with running water and soap. In contrast to disinfectant gels, which kill the virus or the bacteria, washing your hands with soap will detach the virus cells from our skin and wash them off completely. It is important that you wash yourself for 20 seconds so that your hands have the best chance of removing the last traces. Here at Pai Labs, we have just launched our first hand wash – Soapsud Island – designed for sensitive hands. To celebrate the launch, we'll give you a free 250ml Soapsud Island worth £ 19 / € 29 / $ 29 with orders over £ 50 / € 70 / $ 75 ( while supplies last).

Do Hand Disinfectants Really Kill Viruses?

The simple answer? Sometimes. If no hand washing facilities are available – for example, when you are on the go – a disinfectant gel is crucial. There are some viruses that hand disinfectants cannot kill, but when it comes to Covid 19, we know they are effective. This is because this particular virus is surrounded by a shell that alcohol can penetrate (the main component of disinfectant gels).

What is the most effective type of hand sanitizer?

What is important here is the percentage of alcohol inside. To kill most viruses, including coronavirus, an alcohol level of at least 60% is required. The amount you use is also important – there should be enough gel so that it takes 20 seconds for all hands and fingers to dry.

Which ingredients are contained in Pais hand disinfectant?

The alcohol content of our disinfectant gel Acton Spirit is 65%. Take a look at the Acton Spirit reviews and you will see again and again that one thing appears – the luxurious, refreshing fragrance. That's because we added sensitive, skin-friendly Fragonia essential oil, which is believed to have antibacterial properties similar to tea tree oil.

For every bottle of Acton Spirit hand disinfectant gel sold, we donate one to a NHS employee at the forefront, a nursing home, a charity for the homeless, or a beauty bank. Learn more about our promise "Buy One, Gift One" .

Will Sanitiser dry my hands?

It depends on how often you use it and what ingredients it contains. If the hands feel dry or cracked, it is important not only to soothe them, but also to strengthen the skin's moisture barrier to protect them as well. Our rapidly absorbing Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn instant hand therapy cream brings intensive, long-lasting moisture without leaving greasy residues.

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