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Are you prepared for the 21 day CONTENT cleansing?

Congratulations to everyone in our favorite beauty boutique CONTENTS who have just completed their 21-day cleaning !

When summer approaches, we can often feel empowered to start a clean, healthy and active regime.

Perfect timing for the start of the Come Clean section of the CONTENT Magazine blog, where you can choose your own easy-to-follow cleaning schedule.

Depending on how much you need to detoxify (and how determined you are!), You can choose one of the following kits:

1. Come clean and eat green – Cleansing through nutrition

2. Come Clean Kit – Cleaning through nutrition and food supplements

3. Come Clean Guided Kit – Dietary and nutritional supplement cleaning tailored to your specific needs.

After their three-week challenge, I can report that the CONTENT team now has better skin, better sleep, brighter eyes and a lot more energy – where do we register ?!

If you participated in the 21-day cleaning challenge or something similar, we would like to hear how you got along …

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