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Are your magnificence merchandise actually natural?

The world of organic matter has made leaps and bounds in the past 10 years.

Uncomplicated formulations based on balsam and "earthy" packaging gradually give way to high-performance formulations with proven skin benefits and first-class presentation.

Unfortunately, growing consumer demand for natural beauty products has led to a number of brands incorrectly labeling their products as "natural" or "organic" to make money. Trend.

As someone who works hard (and invests a lot) to organically certify every single product in my range, such misleading claims really come up on my goat!

I noticed a lot of common frustration in Bloggerland and came across an interesting post in the Beauty Bureau.

With the title & # 39; Black Marketing & # 39 ;, the blog reveals common tactics that many artificial organic brands use to convince you.

  • Greenwashing – Exploiting the lack of labeling regulations to check the terms "natural" or "organic". Believe it or not, very often these are the companies whose brand names contain the word "organic"!
  • Misdirection – Allusion to the organic certification of a whole series if only one or some of the company's products have met a certification standard.
  • Business Secrets – Use of words such as "fragrance" and "perfume" in ingredient lists. The latter can be used as a cover for over a hundred different chemicals, some of which have nothing to do with flavor.

There's a lot to say about every point on BB, but for me Greenwashing is the one that most customers fall victim to.

Food and beverages must be independently tested and licensed to include the word “organic” in the title. Unfortunately, the same rule does not apply to cosmetics.

Independent organic certification is the only way to guarantee the authenticity of a product. Therefore, always pay attention to the kitemark of the Soil Association.

Don't be fooled!

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