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ASA Prohibits One other Movie star L’Oreal Advert

L’Oreal was in hot water again during her recent promotional campaign with Rachel Weisz.

The Advertising Standards Agency concluded that the effects of Revitalift Repair 10 were "misleadingly exaggerated" by digital improvements.

While many would argue that Rachel Weisz needs absolutely no retouching, the ASA L’Oreal had adjusted her appearance to make her skin look “smoother and more even”.

The ad can’t be used as is, and L’Oreal has been warned not to misrepresent the results of its products in the future.

Although they should have learned their lesson after their Lancome ad with Julia Roberts was banned last year for the same reasons …

What do you think? Do you think the ad is more misleading than everyone else out there?

And does this mark a step towards "naturalness" and transparency in the beauty industry?

Post-ASA bans another famous L’Oreal ad that first appeared in The Pai Life.

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