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Valerie says:

How long have you been using moss?

1-3 months.

Which products do you use?

Moss: Beurre Céleste, Revele, Illumina, Potentci

What is your typical morning routine?

Revele cleansing oil (2-3 pumps) to wash my face, followed by Potenci (1 pump) makes my skin feel and refresh without pulling it off. I literally feel like I only glow with these two products.

What is your typical evening routine?

Beurre Celeste (cent size) followed by Illumina (2 pumps for the entire face) and Potenci (1 pump)

What skin problems did you want to solve with moss?

30-something, hormonal, pregnancy acne!

What improvements have you seen after using moss?

Even skin tone, fair complexion, fading of the acne scars, fine lines almost gone, much less breakouts, if any.

Which products impressed you MOST and why?

Potenci and Revele! Potenci is absolutely amazing – it moisturizes, smoothes fine lines, fills the skin, balances the skin tone, keeps acne at bay and acts as a foundation under the make-up. I've never had a product that can literally do anything!

Revele is an amazing cleansing oil that melts on the skin and ensures perfect cleaning. My skin feels refreshed and moisturized.

What did you try BEFORE using moss?

Benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, witch hazel, tea tree oil, retinol, AHA, glycol shells, microdermabrasion, brands of dermatologists, spironolactone, Accutane – you name it, I have most likely tried it!

What do you think makes moss DIFFERENT / UNIQUE?

I think it's great that Moss uses both organic ingredients and safe chemical compounds, because 100% biologically not always safe! I love that Moss grew out of a need and a passion for Celestyna. The products are luxurious and really feel pampered and REALLY do what they claim to do.

How has moss affected your life and well-being?

Moss has helped me to understand my skin better and to recognize that I do not need an 8-step skin care with harmful and aggressive chemicals. I can trust 4 Moss products to give myself clear, healthy skin that I can rely on in public without makeup. I am 31 years old and pregnant with our second child. My skin is clearer than ever, even with all the hormones!

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