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Chocolate is healthier for you than fruit juice

Looking through today's news, I couldn't help but notice that chocolate was celebrated as a new “superfood”.
Apparently, gram-by-gram chocolate contains more healthy plant substances than most fruit juices.
This is something I blogged about myself a few years ago – glad to see that these scientists are finally catching up!
Obviously, these results have to be viewed in their broader context. The purest chocolates are compared with relatively impure fruit juices in terms of only very specific nutrients.
Nonetheless, good quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids and more) is full of antioxidants, chemically improves our mood and can even promote heart health.
It is the cheaper milk and white chocolates that are the bad guys because of their high levels of animal fat and sugar.
It should be noted that this new research was published by Hershey and should therefore perhaps be taken with a small pinch of refined sugar!
If your loved one usually buys you chocolates for Valentine's Day, make sure they are dark. This way there is no reason to feel guilty if you chew through the whole box …

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