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City Magnificence Myths – unmasked!

There are some pretty ridiculous beauty myths – from believable to totally bizarre!

To help you separate facts from fictions, here are the ones I'm most asked about.

1. Myth: You should change your products every 6 months because your skin "gets used" to them and they no longer work.

Truth: You actually want your skin to get used to your products!

If your skin understands your products, it never means that they no longer work. It actually means the opposite – that they work well and keep your skin calm, regulated and balanced.

The key to healthy, happy skin is the balance of the skin.

Sensitive skin easily gets out of balance. Every time you change products, you introduce new ingredients and change the oil and pH levels, which can lead to disturbed, irritated skin if you tend to be reactive.

I believe in changing your moisturizer seasonally to meet changing fluid needs – but I don't believe in shaking up your routine just for that.

If you are a "Chopper and Changer" I would advise you to find products that work – and stick with them. Your skin will thank you!

2 . Myth: Blackheads are caused by dirt that clogs your pores.

Truth: Blackheads are actually a mixture of sebum and dead skin cells that have blocked a hair follicle.

They form a kind of “stopper” that fills the pore, and when the mixture oxidizes (reacts with the air), it takes on the classic dark shade.

Blackheads can be very frustrating, but try to resist the urge to squeeze or pick them!

Instead, regularly exfoliate with a gentle product such as our Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator, as this helps to remove blackheads and prevent them from occurring again.

3. Myth : I will not react to hypoallergenic products

Truth: There is no legal definition of the word "hypoallergenic".

It has only been found that a product causes "less allergic reactions" – usually because a common irritant has been left out (e.g. a fragrance or a cleaning agent such as sodium lauryl sulfate).

But as we know sensitive souls, there are loads of other preservatives, cleaning agents and oils that can irritate the skin.

As always, get to know your personal triggers and read your ingredient list to protect your skin as best as possible.

If you have other beauty myths that you would like to have demystified, let me know!

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