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"Deceptive" Sanex Zero% bathe gel promoting prohibited

I am sure that many of you will have seen the Sanex Zero% TV commercial – you know the one where naked women smear glowing substances on their bodies before applying a nice, natural-looking gel to their skin ?

The speaker says:

"We applied so many different chemical ingredients to our skin."

“New Sanex Zero% contains exactly the ingredients that we need for clean, healthy skin. Sanex Zero%. Keep the skin healthy. "

Since last week, the Advertising Standards Agency has classified this ad as "misleading", which implies that the shower gel in question does not actually contain any artificial chemical ingredients.


As a result, it has been banned in its current form and must be made more transparent if it is to appear on our screens again.

Any thoughts? Did you find the ad misleading when Sanex tried to look more natural than it really is?

Read a full news report here .

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