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Detecting and Avoiding Skin Triggers for Christmas

Traveling home on vacation, the stress of endless shopping and entertainment, and much more alcohol and food than usual during Christmas can lead to flare-ups and unpredictable skin formation.

Here are some of our most trusted tips on how to recognize, understand, and avoid these triggers in this festive season.


Good sleep is essential for healthy skin. Our skin cells repair themselves at double speed while we sleep and close our eyes. This also helps regulate the stress level. When we are stressed or tired, our natural defenses are weak and this can lead to flare-ups. This is because the hormones affected by stress can slow down the skin. Over time, your skin's natural barrier will not do its job properly and may become sensitive. In your diary, try to lock out one evening a week before Christmas for an early night, or, if possible, a relaxing yoga class.


If you notice unexplained outbreaks on your cheeks, bacteria or deposits on the screen of your mobile phone or makeup brushes can be the cause. Be sure to clean them every few days, especially during the party season when the makeup is really a step up! It is also important that you remove strong makeup correctly. Don't reach for makeup wipes! Instead, treat your skin to a double cleanse to remove all traces of makeup while leaving your skin happy and moisturized.

Festive feast

Our skin functions as an excretory system to get rid of things that our bodies disagree with. So what we eat has a big impact on skin behavior. Some studies have linked high GI foods to skin inflammation, including acne. If you are at home or can control your own meal planning during Christmas, you should opt for lower GI options and keep track of any changes in your diary.

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<h3> Travel </h3>
<p> <span style= Not only traveling in December is stressful enough, flying also has a 100% effect on your skin. The circulated, filtered air in airplanes is incredibly dry. As we inhale this air, our bodies become dehydrated from the inside out. Moisture is drawn from the skin and leaves the skin firm and dull. This rapid dehydration is a nightmare for all skin types, but can lead to excessive itching, cracked or flaky skin in allergy sufferers who are already prone to dryness.

Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during, and after your flight. And if you can, bring BioAffinity Tonic in your hand luggage. Their unique "living water" moisturizes, brightens and soothes the skin. They also feel so refreshing and cooling.

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