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Do I really want to make use of a toner?

This is a question customers ask me frequently – memories of stinging skin are enough to make most people careful!

Why do toners have such a bad reputation? And is there any reason to use it?

Alcohol-based toner

Most toners contain a lot of alcohol, which is used to “tighten” and “tighten” the skin.

This is due to its astringent effects, which give the appearance of shrinking pores – a process that is as bad for the skin as it sounds!

These hard formulas set many people apart from toners, especially those with sensitive skin or rosacea.

Sensitive skin or not, All skin types should avoid alcohol because it dries out and wipes off very much and exposes the skin, desperate and unbalanced.

A New Approach

Pai Bioaffinity Tonics are alcohol-free and work very differently than conventional toners. They focus on maintaining the skin's balance and reducing skin alkalinity after cleansing.

Rich in water or & # 39; juice & # 39; contained in the lotus root and rice plant, they also provide a large dose of vitamins, minerals and amino acids – a big difference for overall health, comfort and the clarity of the skin.


I swear on my Rice Plant & Rosemary BioAffinity Tonic – it comes with everywhere!

I always have one in my hand luggage when I fly on long-haul flights, and I spray daily after cleaning before applying my rosehip oil.

Some of the girls at Pai headquarters hold one on their desks to have their skin picked up in the afternoon. When they are out in the evening, they also spray them over the make-up to add a damp shimmer – a tip that they received from the exceptional makeup artist Kenneth Soh!

Would like to hear if you are as addicted to your toner as I am or if you still have to convince …?

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