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Eating regimen Focus: Sugar

For the second part of my Diet Focus series I will deal with sugar . We all know it's not good for our health, but can it really harm our skin?

The truth is that high sugar intake is not good for any skin type.

I've already talked about how sugar interferes with hormone levels, which in turn leads to outbreaks (so low-quality chocolate can stain … that's not a myth!).

Sugar can also cause premature aging and aggravate sensitive skin.

When large amounts of sugar molecules get into your system, a process called glycation occurs in which they bind to the body's fats and proteins.

Collagen and Elastin – the proteins responsible for firm, supple and elastic skin – are the most susceptible to this and cause them to become stiff and brittle.

The glycation process also makes the skin more sensitive to environmental pollution such as sun exposure and free radical damage from smoke and pollution.

Sugar in your diet:

Sugar is addictive, so some people suggest eating a cold turkey for three days to satisfy cravings and regulate sugar levels.

Complete elimination may be unrealistic for many, but I have a terrible sweet tooth and weak willpower!

If you crave something sweet, try switching to natural sugar instead of refined sugar. The latter – usually found in milk chocolate, sweets, most cakes and synthetic drinks – is processed extensively from sugar cane or beets to white table sugar that no longer contains vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibers.

Good natural sweetener alternatives include manuka honey, maple or agave syrup and stevia .

Have you got your glow back since you reduced sugar? Would love to hear your sweetener replacement recipes

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