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Enthusiastic opinions from Pais pricey prospects

At Pai we like to hear from our customers as this helps us to continuously refine and improve our products. We have no idea if we're doing it right unless you tell us!

Here are some of the most recent comments that have been received.

Bergamot Lip Balm

This lip balm is the business! I love the handy glass in which it is delivered and the spicy fragrance. The lip balm feels like a drink of water for my lips and I love the way it gives a shiny sheen when turned on. Definitely a favorite with me! Thank you Sarah for all of your work to make such beautiful products. You are a real blessing!

Sally (from Dorset)

Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream

The greasiness disappears very quickly compared to many hand creams that I have tried. In fact, I didn't have to worry that my hands would stain what they touched because they weren't oily at all. However, they felt very moisturized and there is improved smoothness and smoothness.



After using Pai for about 6 months, I find it FAB! I love it when new products come onto the market. I really appreciate your philosophy behind the products. ALL good ingredients and NO bad ones. Keep it up!

Lisa (Facebook)

Thank you for your continued support and kind words – they make all this hard work worthwhile.

If you've tried Pai and have something to say, don't be shy!

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Sarah is the founder of Pai Skincare, an organic skin care line for sensitive skin.

Girl 19

I just turned 19, puberty is the most afraid of acne. Types of acne are scary. This blog is where I record the experiences gained from my acne treatment process and learn online

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