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Fashionable Illness: Adrenal Burnout

Question Time – How many of you have your smartphone next to you? And sleep with them next to your bed?

We live in a constantly "on" society, and although we may not recognize it, our fast-paced lifestyle can really strain our minds and bodies.

Stress plays an important role in our health. The constant pressure that comes with a never-ending disengagement affects the immune system and, in my opinion, is responsible for many of the diseases that we suffer from.

What is Adrenal Burnout?

The adrenal glands are small, gland-sized glands that sit directly over the kidneys.

They produce the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, also known as the body's fight or flight signals, which are released in response to high-stress situations.

In "survival mode" they help our body to work more efficiently, to raise blood pressure and to maintain the fluid balance (you no longer need a toilet!)

Cortisol regulates in particular bodily functions that are not decisive at the moment, such as urge to reproduce, immunity, digestion and growth.

The problem is that when we are constantly stressed or thinking about a problem, the body continues to release cortisol and suppress those important bodily functions that keep us healthy – which eventually leads to burnout or fatigue of the adrenal glands .

The burnout of the adrenal glands affects more and more people, especially people with high pressure, and has become so common that the World Health Organization has recognized it as a new "disease".

But how can it affect our skin?

The skin and the immune system are closely linked. So if the immune system is suppressed, your skin is probably also in the garbage dumps!

Autoimmune diseases such as Psoriasis and Urticaria tend to flare up, and eczema and acne worsen with the skin, which is more susceptible to infection and inflammation.

Here you can read more about the importance of emotional wellbeing on the skin.

How do I switch off?

This is easier said than done, but actively dealing with stress is as important as checking these tasks off your task list.

The key is to find ways to turn your brain off, or at least distract it from annoying thoughts or worries.

Meditation can be a useful tool here, but otherwise try simple things like turning off your phone for an evening, reading a book, or even a massage.

I find it helpful to have a notepad next to my bed so that I can write things down that I need to remember. Even if I don't refer to my notes in the morning, it is only put to bed by writing down a thought so I can sleep peacefully!

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