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Find out how to have a vegan Christmas occasion

Have you considered going vegan on vacation?

You won't be alone. According to The Vegan Society, more than half a million British people have adopted a vegan lifestyle in the past decade. But is Christmas a good time to immerse yourself in plant food?

Many people say that a vegan diet gives them younger looking skin and more energy; Your skin and body will thank you for giving meat and dairy products a break at such a pampering season.

And why should the resolutions be left to January?


Since vegan nutrition has become so popular, there are countless inspiring recipes that you can use to prepare a delicious feast.

If you want to stay traditional, design a menu that is very similar to your usual Christmas meal with vegan substitutes. But if the tofu turkey is a step too far, the Vegan Society has some delicious recipes to get you started (their Christmas pudding ice cream sounds delicious!).

Speaking of desserts, who doesn't crave something sweet for Christmas? There are many vegan versions of your festive favorites or new recipes that you can easily try out as a vegan.

Or dare to be different and start a new tradition; with Jamie Oliver's vegan Christmas curry or Peta's French fishless cake .

Check your Tipple

No, you don't need a dry Christmas party. It depends on how far you go with veganism or how strict your vegan guests are. Some alcoholic beverages are not strictly vegan. For example, wine and prosecco are more difficult than beer and spirits.

Waitrose has a nice selection of festive vegan tips to go with your party.

Don't stress

So you forgot to make the sauce vegan or couldn't resist a pig in a blanket (or two). Christmas really isn't the time to deny yourself. Relax and get back in the vegan cart when you're ready.

Would you like to try it? Let us know how you are and share some recipes!

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