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Highlight collection: solar spots, age spots & liver spots

First, let's dispel a skin care myth – sun spots, age spots, and liver spots are all actually the same thing!

I tend to refer to the flat, brown, freckled spots as sun spots because they are mainly caused by sun damage or overexposure to ultraviolet light.

As a result, sun spots are most common on the skin that is most exposed to sunlight, such as the face, chest, shoulders, arms and back of the hands.

What exactly is a sunspot?

The epidermis contains cells, so-called melanocytes, which produce melanin pigments.

It is melanin that absorbs sunlight and protects the skin from dangerous UVB rays.

A tan, for example, is a steady increase in melanin and the way our body protects itself from possible damage.

When we expose the skin to strong sun, our body feels as if it is under attack, and melanin accumulates in abnormal clumps – which results in darker pigmentation spots.

Are They Dangerous?

Sun spots are a sign that the skin is damaged and doesn't know how to react – so it's not great!

Other than that, sunspots tend to be painless and irrelevant.

It is advisable to keep an eye on their size and shape – if anything changes, see a doctor immediately.

How to prevent and heal sunspots

As is common with these things, prevention is better than cure.

Avoid the sun for long periods at peak times and absolutely avoid sun beds!

Many believe that laser treatment is the only way to really “remove” sunspots.

If, like me, you prefer a more natural approach than choosing products with regenerative ingredients like rosehip organic regeneration oil this can certainly improve the appearance.

The high vitamin C content in rose hips has also been shown to improve the clarity of the skin.

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