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Highlight sequence: The 6 ranges of spots

Blemishes, blackheads, boils, cysts – as unappetizing as it sounds to identify exactly what types of stains you are suffering from can often help you find the best way to get rid of them.

There is general agreement that there are 6 different stages of spots .

You can experience one, more, or all at the same time if you have acne.


Small, white, raised bumps that form when sebum and dead skin cells completely clog the pores and a thin layer of skin sits on the top.


Small black spots that may be raised or level with the skin surface. In this case, sebum and dead skin cells partially clog the pores, which remain open on the surface, so that the mixture can oxidize and darken.


Small, reddish raised bumps that feel sore but have no "head". Papules form when the walls of the follicle collapse, causing white blood cells to invade and attack bacteria, causing inflammation.


Classic "spots", pustules are small, reddish raised bumps that are filled with white or yellow pus. Papules often turn into pustules after a few days or when they are compressed.


Nodules are heavier, more painful and possibly longer lasting than all previously mentioned places. They are large, hard lumps that form under the surface of the skin. They occur when the follicular walls break and completely collapse, causing severe inflammation. The skin over the lump may be slightly red.


Similar to nodules, cysts are large lumps under the surface of the skin that ignite so that they fill with white or yellow pus. Cysts can often cause scars on the surface of the skin when squeezed or pressurized.

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