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Highlight sequence: What precisely is a spot?

We all know this feeling of fear when you look in the mirror and are greeted by a new friend, Mr. Spot – someone we would never like to meet and who usually shows up when he is least welcome is.


But what most of us don't know is what exactly a place is …

The science behind spots

Every hair follicle on the skin has a sebum gland, which you guessed produced sebum.

A stain occurs when excess sebum or oil clogs these follicles because dead skin cells or a layer of new skin obstruct the flow.

This mixture is a breeding ground for bacteria.

When a mild bacterial infection occurs, a patch of pus develops along with its characteristic redness and pain.

What causes stains?

Spots are the way the skin tells us that our body is out of balance.

This imbalance can be caused by the following:

  • Use of products that choke on heavy, rich or on the skin
  • Conditions such as acne or acne rosacea
  • Hormonal imbalances that trigger excessive sebum production
  • Use of products rich in alcohol or detergents (these remove the skin from its natural oils, producing excess sebum to compensate for this)
  • Dietary excesses of refined sugar or inferior fats
  • Stress – which hinders many detoxification processes in the body and can lead to constipation of the skin.

The good news is that all of these causes are both preventable and curable!

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