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How can I get longer hair?

Have you ever wondered what you can do to make your hair grow a bit faster? I know I have!

There are so many tips on how to get to lavish castles quickly. So I met beautiful Lorna from the Nutri Center to get her expert opinion on what really worked

“To promote hair growth, I would recommend taking a Chlorella supplement that is very rich in nutrients and iron.

It is also important to include the natural vitamin B complex biotin in your diet, either in food or as a supplement, since Vitamin B is an essential vitamin for hair growth. Biotin helps the body metabolize EFA (essential fatty acids) and amino acids – both are crucial for healthy hair growth. "

There are also simple tricks that you can incorporate into your beauty routine, e.g. B. spend a minute or two a day, massage your scalp to stimulate the hair follicles and improve blood circulation.

Regular decorations are also essential – although getting rid of this valuable customs duty may not seem intuitive! Cutting off your dry or damaged split ends is a shortcut to getting a head out of thick, shiny hair .

And don't forget your beauty food – Essential Fatty Acids ! They are crucial for healthy skin, nails and hair. Take it internally or massage oils like flaxseed into your hair for deep nourishing treatment.

Do you have any tips on how to let your hair grow naturally?

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