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How Capricorn Are You? Plamena

Our limited edition Christmas gift sets are the perfect gifts for any sign. Every week we bring you the typical products and indications of a sign so that you can see why the In Your Element Kit is so up to date.

This is Plamena, our sales administrator, an ibex and earth sign.

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<h3> Describe your character in five words … </h3>
<p> "Serious, honest, sociable, hardworking, caring" </p>
<h3> On morning routines </h3>
<p> “I start by washing my face with cold water and preparing it with a toner. Then I apply some moisturizer and makeup. "</p>
<h3> About Bedtime Routines </h3>
<p> “In the evening, I take the time to ensure that my skin is properly cleaned and moisturized. First I remove all impurities with my Clarisonic brush. Then I peel a few times a week and use a mask to replenish my skin. Finally, I apply micelle water to the condition, followed by a cream / oil. "</p>
<h3> On zodiac signs </h3>
<p> “Capricorns are very persistent, ambitious, result-oriented and punctual. But we are also very caring, reliable and loyal. We avoid dilly dallying at all costs. "</p>
<h3> On productivity </h3>
<p> "I keep to-do lists. I like putting everything on paper, then sharing and conquering it. Lists help me stay focused and keep track of what has been done and what's still to be done. "</p>
<h3> When buying gifts </h3>
<p> "According to me, it is easiest to shop for my sister because she likes the same stuff as I do." </p>
<h3> What you shouldn't buy an ibex on </h3>
<p> “Once my brother and his girlfriend gave me this white wool knit bag that looked like a shepherd's bag. I loved the effort and thought they put into it, but it wasn't my style. Of course it went straight into a drawer and never went away. "</p>
<h3> For Christmas shopping </h3>
<p> "By Christmas week my purchases will most likely be 100% complete, maybe in the middle of the packaging phase." </p>
<h3> Which Christmas decoration best embodies you? </h3>
<p> “I love Christmas lights. I love how they brighten everything and radiate warmth. "</p>
<h3> What is your ultimate Christmas dinner? </h3>
<p> "My mother. So I know it's Christmas. <strong>“ </strong> </p>
<h3> Favorite Christmas film? </h3>
<p> "Love Actually closely followed by The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" </p>
<p> <span style= Shopping for other zodiac signs? Meet the Pai staff for tips on how to find the right gifts for your signs.

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