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How do I buy Loved Ones for Wanderlusting

We have spent the past few weeks bringing you all the inspiration you need to shop these tricky friends. From beauty fans here at headquarters to our own outdoor types, we asked the Pai team to help them find the perfect gifts for their tribe. In the last episode we talk to our freelance copywriter Caroline. Giving away girls or boys for traveling is much easier …

Caroline, what role do you play here at Pai?

"I'm Pai's resident blacksmith. So if you've ever received an email from us or noticed our ads on the tube, I probably wrote them."

Tell us why you are our resident "frequent flyer".

"I am a total travel junkie. One of the main reasons why I write freelance is that my annual vacation is unlimited! My family also lives in Ireland, so I fly back and forth every month to see them. I spend a lot of time in airports and aisle seats. "

Would you describe your skin as sensitive?

"Yes, that's why I love Pai so much. I couldn't use sunscreen on my face before Hello Sunshine SPF30 came out last summer – it saved my pale Irish skin! I also think that showering and stress make my arms and legs incredibly itchy, so Pai's body cream is a complete change. ”

What is your best Pai product while traveling?

"In the meantime I have reduced my on-board fluids to a high level of art. I like to wash my face at the airport before I fly to remove the pollution from Piccadilly Line and then carry a few drops of Back To Life Hydration I can't fly without a BioAffinity tonic to cool my skin on the plane and provide it with moisture, otherwise my face will feel so hot and dry. The Lotus & Orange Blossom Tonic is my MVP No. 1.

While I'm in the air, I'll apply the richest moisturizing face cream I can get. Pais Age Confidence is so luxurious. Depending on how dehydrated I feel – spoiler alarm, usually very – I massage a facial oil over it. I haven't found a product that feels and smells as good as Echium & Amaranth Age Confidence face oil. It's expensive, but it lasts forever. "

Which product would you most like to give away?

“It's easy, Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil. I still have to meet someone who didn't find it useful for something. I know that most of my friends love it as a facial oil at night, but for me it really comes into its own during the holidays. I use it as a facial oil to remove eye makeup, soothe sunburn and relieve itching from mosquito bites. It is so practical. "

Have you already started shopping for Christmas?

"No, I'm done with these things at the last minute. The only gift that I bought is Advent calendars filled with treats for my parents-in-law, dogs and cats. What is totally ridiculous, but also incredibly cute. "

After Caroline receives gifts for her frequent flyers, visit our Christmas gift guide to sort out the rest of the gang. From wellness warriors to friends who never knowingly at home, we made it so easy and right.


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