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Is there a connection between allergy symptoms and despair?

I recently came across an interesting article (read here in full) that links allergies to depression.
The article, published by the New York Times News Service, reports that allergy sufferers develop depression twice as often as non-allergy sufferers.

In addition to the general feeling of exhaustion and helplessness caused by allergies, the reaction itself is said to release cytokines.

These compounds are believed to lower the body's serotonin level, the happiness hormone, and make us discouraged or even depressed. It is believed that female allergy sufferers are worst affected.

The link is not necessarily new – I myself have blogged about the effects of stress on skin allergies.

Episodes of extreme trauma and stress can occur on the skin and cause skin diseases such as psoriasis or urticaria to either manifest or flare up.

These emotionally induced flare-ups can cause further stress and trigger a vicious cycle in which both our skin and our emotional well-being deteriorate.

Nip the cycle and fight stress through exercise, yoga, or maybe even a place of retail therapy …

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