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J & # 39; adore Pai. Natalie Portman's help goes world.

Natalie Portman kindly expressed her love for Pai in another top publication this month.

In an interview with Elle (France) Natalie discusses her eco-ethics. That includes recycling more and consuming less.

She recommends as a great place to find environmentally friendly alternatives.

On the subject of her beauty regime, Natalie continues to say:

& # 39; I use natural or organic products to cleanse and care for my skin, like Joelle Ciocco and the moisturizing cream from English b Rand Pai, it's ultra-clean thing I love! & # 39;

(Thanks to our French chemists for the translation!)

Since Natalie Pais chamomile & rose hip sensitive skin cream as her skin care favorite revealed it flew off the shelves. Apparently everyone wants a piece of their Pai porcelain skin …

Sarah's blog on organic skin care –

Sarah is the founder of Pai Skincare, an organic skin care line for sensitive skin.

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