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Learn how to hit crow's toes

So you introduced your three-step skin care program for your face – but what about these additional basics?

Many people view eye cream as an unnecessary or wasteful product and do not use it every day.

For me, eye cream is a central part of my daily regime (I put it on at night) and one that immediately changes the look and feel of my skin.

Finally, the skin around the eyes on the face is the most sensitive and susceptible to redness and irritation as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

Crow's Feet is the technical name for the telltale wrinkles that appear on the outer corners of the eyes.

They occur when the skin loses suppleness, elasticity and supporting proteins such as collagen.

While crow's feet are a natural result of the aging process, there is a lot you can do to improve their appearance and prevent them from occurring prematurely.

Here are my top tips for beating crow's feet:

Avoid irritation

This is key – you may be using a great eye cream, but if your other beauty habits cause stress, inflammation, or eye irritation, it is nowhere near as effective.

Repeated irritations take their toll on the skin and contribute to premature aging. It also removes the skin from its oils and can make it dry and flaky – the drier the skin, the more likely it is to develop fine wrinkles.

Avoid the following:

  1. constant heavy eye make-up
  2. Eye make-up remover based on detergent or alcohol
  3. Creams containing alcohol
  4. Rubbing eyes
  5. Eye Makeup Allergies – Some people find that chemicals in mascara, eyeliner, and concealer under the eyes can cause itching and inflammation. See my previous blog post "Make-up for sensitive skin" if that sounds like you.

Include essential fatty acids

To deeply nourish, repair, and protect the eye area, choose a cream that is rich in essential fatty acids (omegas).

These overloaded omegas are the building blocks of healthy skin and are essential for maximizing skin health.

They not only accelerate the regeneration of skin cells to smooth and refine the appearance of existing wrinkles, but also improve the suppleness of the skin to prevent the formation of new lines.

The Echium in Pais Echium Eye Cream is the richest natural source of gamma-linolenic acid and stearidonic acid – two powerful and unique forms of omega 3 and 6 that do a shock without causing irritation.

Apply daily before going to sleep and waking up with smooth, bright eyes.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Recent studies from the University of California show that women need an average of between six and a half and seven and a half hours of sleep a night.

As the largest organ in the body, our skin reflects our feelings. So if you're tired, your skin probably won't look as alive as it could.

Fatigue can also slow down the essential processes of the skin, such as B. cell regeneration, which makes fine lines and wrinkles much more pronounced.

If you have difficulty sleeping, it can be helpful to try one of these nighttime rituals:

  1. Burn a relaxing organic candle. Lavender, chamomile and sandalwood have been proven to help sleep.
  2. meditate before going to bed. This can take the form of some gentle stretches or just five minutes to focus on your breathing.
  3. Hold a notepad next to your bed. If you have ideas floating around your head, write them down and forget about them until morning.
  4. Dim the light an hour before bed to prepare your body for sleep mode.

Does anyone else have top tips for fighting Crow & # 39; s Feet?

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