Skin care

Learn how to patch new merchandise and why you must all the time do it!

As you know, here at Pai it's all about taking care of your super sensitive skin.

While we manufacture our gentle yet effective organic products without irritants, we still recommend new customers to Patch Test products before introducing them to their daily beauty regimen.

Patch tests ensure that your new product is suitable for your sensitive skin. When you develop a reaction, you can pinpoint it for a specific product.

To test a product, apply a small amount to the inner arm and let it sit for 24 hours, paying attention to any reactions.

If none occur, repeat this process on the neck, apply a small amount, and let it stand for 24 hours, paying attention to reactions again.

If the skin area looks healthy and feels good, you're good to go!

Girl 19

I just turned 19, puberty is the most afraid of acne. Types of acne are scary. This blog is where I record the experiences gained from my acne treatment process and learn online

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