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Life Coach Lucy Sheridan shares her ideas for comfortable skin

Lucy Sheridan is a life coach and the first comparison coach in the world. Their mission is to help their followers and clients find inner peace, achieve their goals – not worrying about what everyone else is doing – and ultimately their own comparison to heal. Your advice? Be less "them" and more "you". We spoke to Lucy to find out the relationship between how we feel and how our skin behaves in the last installment of our blog series about holistic experts.

Pai: What are the possible negative effects of stress and mental well-being on the skin?

Lucy: " Ultimately, what we feel in ourselves is reflected in our skin, and this can tell us a lot about what's going on. Does our self-sufficiency need a boost? Do we have to drive a little slower? Are we taking care of ourselves? If we do not feed ourselves, this can become visible on our skin . "

P: What about the positive effects that psychological well-being can have?

L: & # 39; When we are kind to ourselves and feel in the flow of our lives, it is impossible to ignore this glow on our skin . & # 39;

P: What is the only advice you can give about happy, healthy skin?

L: " Invest in yourself and look for some specialist knowledge. I am 36 and my skin has changed a lot in the past five years. If I hadn't found a brand like Pai and benefited from advice, my skin would not be as healthy as it is today.

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<h3> P: What are your skin care products? </h3>
<p> <span style= L: " I LOVE the rose hip cleaning oil from Pai Light Work ."

P: What is the only skin care level you can't live without?

L: " It has to be a cleaning. A busy life, heavily put on make-up, there is nothing better than washing the day away and feeling new again . "

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<h3> P: What experiences have you had with sensitive skin? </h3>
<p> <span style= L: " My skin has sensitive phases, which means that I have to make sure that I think well ahead so that I don't get a flare, e.g. Before I'm in the sun, I need to moisturize myself within five minutes of leaving the shower. When I'm stressed and it's a certain time in my cycle, I can break out on my neck and chin. deliberately. & # 39;

P: Favorite mantra or quote?

L: " Dream it. Real life it.

For more tips and daily inspiration, follow Lucy on Instagram @lucysheridan

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