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#MarioMonthlyEdit: September skin care routine

New season, different line-up.

A change in weather in autumn means that most skin types require balance and a touch of moisture. It's still hot – the summer weather is strong – but the unpredictable ebb and flow of temperature makes maintaining the integrity of the outermost skin barrier our top priority.

Here is our skin care routine for September:

It is light, oil-free and leaves the skin feeling super clean (never peeled off!). This facial cleanse has an uplifting, spa-like scent that is just the mood booster we need when we get going.

The soothing properties of this witch hazel toner make it perfect for all skin types – and what we love most is its aromatherapy lavender infusion. Stress who? Certainly not with this bottle. Just balanced, happy skin here.

Another skincare staple and a must have. We spray all day (at least three times: morning, noon and before bed), but the trick is to spray right after the toner and before wetting it. Applying your serum or face cream to freshly fogged skin will help you take advantage of all of these skin-loving benefits and add an extra boost of moisture.

Do you notice an issue with our skin care routine in September? The goal is to keep things simple, airy, and classic. That's why we reach for our most popular eye cream. It's a medium-weight formula that blends in beautifully to give the under-eye eyes an ultra-hydrated, smooth look.

Another plus? Hyaluronic Eye Cream layers well under makeup. Just tap it, let it sit, and you'll find the concealer practically glides over your skin.

The name says it all. For thirsty skin (and yes, all skin types – including oily ones! – can experience dehydration) this is a dream cream. It's silky, light, and soaked in seamlessly to add a moist glow to your complexion. There is no turning back, no stickiness and definitely no feeling of heaviness.

Also good to know: Hyaluronic Dew Cream is oil-free, fragrance-free, vegan and, like everything else in the Mario Badescu line, free of cruelty.

If you want to wake up with skin that is radiant and moisturizing, this is the cream for you. It has a luxurious, dense texture but is oil-free – and the cream melts with the skin for nourishing moisture and protein-infused benefits.

#MBSkinTip : The algae night cream was developed for the combination with oily skin types. However, when you are dry, you can use them too. Simply combine it with your favorite serum (like Super Peptide Serum or Cellufirm Drops) for an additional layer of moisture.

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