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My Perspective to Natural Hair Care

One thing that we are often asked about in customer service is Organic Hair Care – whether we will ever make our own range, which brands we rate and top tips for clean hair, to keep soft and shiny.

Although I am not a hair care expert (and I do not intend to venture into the industry soon!), I have a wealth of personal experience that I can share on the subject.

Since I developed urticaria over 10 years ago, I have experimented with various natural and biological products to avoid irritating foaming ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

Many attempts and difficulties later (someone with flake scalp?) I finally found a few brands that I would like to buy back and recommend.

Save: Bentley Organics offers a wide range of organic hair care products if you are on a budget. Their products are gentle, effective and certified by the Soil Association. So you can be confident that there are no nasty ingredients hidden there.

Splurge: If you want to spend a little more to keep your hair in top condition, the John Masters series delivers really fantastic results.

Style: Natulique is an Ecocert-certified series that offers excellent permanent colors and of course promises professional results.

In my experience, I have to say that it was much more difficult to get the same clean, fluffy feel with organic hair care – but for me and many women with sensitive skin like me, the benefits definitely outweigh the disadvantages.

A top hair care tip that I have to share includes an alternative use for our new Royal Jasmine & May Chang refill body oil .

Massage 2-3 drops of the luxurious oil mixture into damp hair ends to prevent them from looking and feeling dry or damaged.

The ultra-high Omega content nourishes the hair deeply and ensures a healthy, soft and neat finish – the smell is also divine!

For more advice on natural and organic hair care, see the girls' comments on No More Dirty Looks .

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