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My Salicylate-Free Food plan: The Judgment

30 days have been and have passed and I have now decided to extend my salicylate free diet (read why I started it at all) mainly because it has become a low in the past week " Salicylate instead of "no" salicylate diet!

This is not because I am careless or lazy, but because salicylates seem to be almost inevitable.

Eating out was impossible, and even well-researched grocery shopping lists have occasionally gotten bad because various websites appear to provide conflicting data on the salicylate content of food. Someone please create a practical app!

Another problem was that salicylates are found in most fruits and vegetables, so meat and dairy products have become my safe haven – not exactly the healthiest staple food!

I discussed my nutritional plan with nutritionist Claire Hall from the beautiful health district in Knightsbridge at the recent exhibition for natural and organic products.

Claire warned me that too much milk and meat would cause my intestinal acid to skyrocket and my urticaria would get going again. That's exactly what I'm trying to avoid.

This is the problem with extensive elimination diets that can be so extreme that they cause other nutritional deficiencies.

If you want to determine whether certain foods affect your skin sensitivity, I would recommend maintaining a balanced diet and eliminating one food at a time – it is definitely easier and healthier to live for a longer period of time.

Have all my problems changed my skin? To be honest, I cannot say that this is the case!

However, it can be too early to say, and my strange slips couldn't have helped.

The other thing is that so many factors play a role in urticaria that you rarely get a black and white image.

Lack of sleep, latent stress, time of the month (more on this in a future post) and a disturbed immune system all play a role.

If someone finds a way to avoid all of these things at once, I have to hear your secret!

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