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Oil versus cream: what's the difference?

Facial oils have taken the world of beauty by storm in recent years, and it has been fantastic to see how so many people have included them in their regimes.

With a variety of amazing organic oils, it could be tempting to make the switch and leave traditional face creams behind. However, it is important to understand the difference between facial oils and creams, as both have different functions. Should you use oil or cream – or both?

We believe that good skin care combines both creams and oils . So it's not about oil or cream. It's more about understanding how they behave differently on the skin and how you should incorporate them into your skin care routine.

What exactly are the key functions, advantages and tips for oils and creams?

The difference between oils and creams

Oils consist only of oil, without water. In contrast, creams are a mixture of fat emulsions and water. Both contain active ingredients, but active ingredients are contained in oils in a much higher concentration than in creams.

Both oils and creams are important for moisturizing your skin. Moisture is probably the most important part of skin care. Moisturized, hydrated skin protects against irritation and enables you to effectively remove dead skin cells.

Face Oil – An Overview

As mentioned above, the main difference to oils is that the active ingredients are in a much higher concentration because they are not diluted. That means they have a more noticeable effect on the skin.

Choose your face oil carefully and it can make a big and very visible difference to your skin. If you suffer from acne, avoid pore-clogging ingredients like coconut oil and other saturated fats. For sensitive skin, we strongly recommend avoiding fragrance oils, as these can easily irritate your sensitive facial skin.

A fatty, omega-rich oil like our Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil or Echium & Amaranth Age Confidence Oil cares for, cares for and improves skin tone and elasticity. Natural ingredients are the key to a good facial oil. None of the Pai products contain parabens, detergents or other harmful substances.

When it comes to facial oils, it is important to remember that you cannot get moisture from an oil alone – despite the claims of some brands. However, what makes them excellent is to trap moisture in the skin, which keeps the skin in the valuable moisture longer. Where do you get this liquid from? This is where creams come into play …

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<h3> Overview of face creams </h3>
<p> The simple purpose of a cream is <strong> to moisturize the skin </strong> and to protect <strong> </strong>. A cream is a mixture of "emulsion" of fats, water and active ingredients. Due to their very high water content of approx. 60-80%, they are able to provide the skin with moisture. </p>
<p> A cream drives moisture into the skin, while fatty oils and ingredients such as vegetable glycerin prevent water from evaporating. This surge of moisture causes the skin cells to retain moisture and make the skin supple, healthy and radiant. </p>
<p> Additional active ingredients can also address specific skin needs. However, the results may be less visible than with an oil, as active ingredients are in much lower concentrations. </p>
<h3> Should You First Apply Oil or Cream? </h3>
<p> We are asked this question so often! But once you understand everyone's role – hydrating (creams), then keeping everything in (oils) – it becomes a lot easier to remember. </p>
<p> Oil should always be applied after your cream or moisturizer. This is because oils can penetrate the moisturizer, but not the other way around. Even if you apply a cream first, the active ingredients and nutrients in your facial oil can still affect your skin. </p>
<p> Wondering when is the best time to apply? We have written a practical guide for you here. </p>
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