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Pai adorns the pages of Vogue

Pai's rejuvenating echium eye cream is a high priority in British Vogue this month.

"Beauty Confidential", Vogue's first beauty supplement, reveals the best-kept beauty secrets from stars like Kate Moss, Julianne Moore and of course Natalie Portman.

In it, Natalie thanks the poetry of EE Cummings for her beautiful mind and wanders in the hills of LA for her tinted figure.

Pai takes care of this porcelain skin.

Our rejuvenating Echium eye cream nourishes, hydrates and revitalizes the revealing eye area. It is packed with organic ingredients with proven anti-aging properties that regenerate the skin and smooth fine lines.

Since our eye cream is free of alcohol, it protects the sensitive skin around the eye.

Order Natalie's eye care here or buy it as part of our Pai Starter Kit and save £ 9.

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