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Questions and Answers: Best facial cleanser for dry winter skin

It is important to cleanse twice a day, regardless of your skin type and the season. It's all about finding the right face wash that suits your skin's needs. So if your skin feels dry, tight or even sensitive after cleansing, you are probably not using the right type of facial cleansing.

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A . Mario Badescu cosmeticians recommend the use of a cream or a tissue cleaner. Both are gentle alternatives to bar soaps or foam formulations: they remove dirt, oil and impurities, but leave a soft and cared-for skin feeling.

How to find the best facial wash that will keep your dry skin happy all winter:

Do you have combined / dry skin and do you love a rejuvenating boost in your detergent?

Try Orange Cleansing Soap, a soothing facial detergent with orange peel extract that refreshes the skin from light makeup, dirt, oil and other surface contaminants.

#MBSkinTip : If you love Enzyme Cleansing Gel in the warmer months but are looking for a winter alternative, you will love this face wash too.

Do you have combination skin / dry skin that tends to have uneven skin color and structure?

You will love it Seaweed cleaning soap a fresh, creamy facial detergent with maritime plant substances. Surface contaminants are washed off, but your complexion becomes softer and smoother than before. There are also real algae grains that can be used to gently remove dead skin cells.

Do you have dry, sensitive skin that looks dull?

Use Keratoplast Cream Soap a unique cleanser that frees the skin of pore-clogging contaminants without leaving the skin feeling dry.

Dry skin?

From Cucumber Cream Soap use a creamy facial wash enriched with cucumber that leaves the skin soft, fresh and moisturized.

Very sensitive and dry skin?

Try Cream Soap . It is a simple, gentle formula that has been specially developed for sensitive skin. It is an oil-free, fragrance-free, moisturizing formula that cleanses the skin without drying it too much.

Super dry, dry and / or mature skin ? Or do you like wearing a full face full of makeup?

Your skin will love it Cleansing milk with clove and rice oil . Make-up and impurities on the surface are wiped off immediately, without removing essential moisture from the dry skin. Instead, this oil-based cleansing milk ensures that the skin feels soft and well-groomed.

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