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You guys, I'm now in this place where I feel a lot of things that burn and change. And I just wanted to share some of the resources and women who are carrying me.

In no particular order:

Danielle LaPorte – the damn queen. Pioneer in clarity about how you want to feel compared to what you want. That is my way of manifesting. They say I want to feel: loved, spacious, seen – instead of saying I want a great friend. And then you're open to whatever happened in your life – or happens – that helps you feel that way – and maybe – probably – it's not a new friend. OG light worker.

Glennon Doyle – author of Love Warrior, wife of Abby Wambach. Activist, ally, bulimia and alcohol sober. It is worth following at least one IG. It gave me the idea that love – maybe – is the opposite of control, which was a pretty radical idea for a control freak, and I'm still researching it like Glennon.

Sarah Jenks – This girl was on my radar for a while and I was impressed when I saw her and her offerings change … and mature. I think becoming mom had a lot to do with it, lol. A new IG post from her has consolidated her place on this list. New mothers (I also invite: old mothers, single mothers, married mothers) – it is not "take care of yourself" (impossible for a mother), it is "make sure you take care". Lightbulb And granted permission. AND … it becomes clear how stupid our culture is towards women and mothers. Yes, I'm a little bit bitter. However, since it is a post about clarifying the truth, I have no desire to gloss over it.

Elizabeth DiAlto – I'm going to take it with a grain of salt – Idk, maybe a bit of a personal conflict …? But I LOVE her dedication to being a truth-teller, and a long time ago, mainly through her, I discovered these ideas that now seem so fundamental – about self-love, self-acceptance, this concept of women as something radical and infinitely complex. something that had been reduced and twisted. Through her I found out that femininity doesn't have to mean lingerie, fuck me on the lips or anything else – femininity can be strength and anger and everything. But as always, we let white men define things. And through them I discovered:

Karen Hawkwood – this woman has blown me lately. I love how controversial she is. She says shit like: astrology is shit. Most people lie to themselves because they are weak and fearful. True forgiveness is almost impossible. The Suicide Prevention Hotline is unusable. And many other things that trigger wonderfully. I love damn it. It's all the shit that's true, but we're afraid to speak. If I felt I had a mentor, I would choose you, Karen. I can only recommend Elizabeth DiAlto's podcast with her – episode 260.

Rachel Cargle – Before I was a mother, I thought it was outdated to be a feminist. When I became a mother, I was plunged headlong into the abyss of total inequality. I'm still in shock, I'm still outraged, I'm still not sure what the hell to do or why more women aren't as outraged as I am. But one thing I am sure of: I am an absolute feminist and women are far from being equal to men, not in America and definitely not in certain other countries. When I became a feminist, I became uncomfortably aware of other injustices and inequalities. But I felt they weren't my fight because they didn't affect me personally. And then it felt as ridiculous as a "vegetarian" who gave up some types of meat but not others. Not lazy, but blindly dogmatic.

Before Rachel Cargle, I would be on the defensive if I read an article by an LGBT + person telling me how to be an ally. Or I would be on the defensive if someone pointed out my white privilege. After Rachel Cargle, I realize what "sound monitoring" (and a host of other terms I thought was ridiculously micro-nuanced). Injustice is greater than race or gender or gender. I am working to increase my capacity so that I can carry this important truth. I learn a lot from Rachel about how I can't fool myself as a white ally. To be a feminist means to be anti-racist.

I feel like I forgot some people – and I purposely leave some people out – some people who have some good ideas but others that I disagree with. Will be updated when something important comes up.

What does that have to do with skin or acne? Only that – if you are in integrity with yourself, this gives you a shine that not even the most experienced beautician could highlight. Acne sucks – but do you know what sucks worse? A life that didn't live. A life of remorse. A little life. A life full of lies. Life is bigger than your face, girls – remember.

Yes, no links – you have to google.

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