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Reviving friendships

Good friends are difficult to find.

Reliable and a source of comfort when you need it most – but not judgmental either. You spent too long in the sun … and (possibly at the same time) drank too much rosé. It happens to the best of us!

This month I wanted to write about a companion with whom I connected again after a period of estrangement. I would even say that it develops into a full love affair.

Our Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream does what it says on the tin. It soothes aggravated skin and resurrects dry flake legs that are ready for sunny weather.

Some of you may remember that this product was previously housed in a horrible bottle that took several minutes to successfully dispense a piece of cream. If you use it all over your body, you have to plan an entire afternoon.

Needless to say that it drove me crazy, and many, many of you too. Thank you for sharing your frustrations that caused us to fix the problem … and for staying with us.

This beautiful cream is now in an easy-to-squeeze tube and I choked on it with joyful devotion.

Body lotion is not; It is a hard-wearing, deeply conditioning butter cream that sprays a good punch and moisturizes all day long.

The aroma is one of my favorites in the range and frankly good enough to eat. A soft almond orange that has a calming effect on its own.

My biggest tip with this product is that it creates an amazing after-sun. Mix a few drops of rosehip organic regeneration oil for additional benefits and a reparative boost. Quite simply – don't venture on vacation without them!

The Post-Rekindling friendships first appeared in The Pai Life.

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