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Sister week: Holly and Alex share their magnificence ideas and disasters …

Throughout the week we shared beauty tips and disasters from some members of the Pai team and their dear sisters!

The final installment comes from our accounting manager Holly and her sister Alex.

1. The best product your sister introduced to you?

Holly: We both have suffered from problematic skin in the past. Alex introduced me to lavender oil – it is one of the few essential oils you can cleanly apply to your skin, and it is fantastic for helping stains heal.

Alex: My skin has become drier since I was thirty. The Pai Camellia and Rose Cleanser was fantastic to keep my skin in good condition. It removes my make-up very effectively and doesn't dry out my skin. Using a cream cleaner, I realized how dry my previous foam cleaner was.

2. What was your biggest beauty disaster?

Holly: We both had hair-related disasters in the 1990s! Alex opted for a spray in a hair lightening product that bleaches your hair when you sit in the sun. It worked, but gave her hair a fantastic orange hue, and when her hair was wavy (it was the nineties) her hair broke in different lengths!

Alex: For some reason, Holly decided that it would be a great idea to dye her hair deep black while our mother wasn't around. In her hurry, she failed to evenly distribute the dye and got a black ear and a full brown spot on the back! Holly has to dye her hair now, however, because her children mentioned that they contain "pieces of silver" …

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