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Sister Week: Magnificence Ideas and Disasters!

Today Nicola, our PR & Marketing Manager and her sister Sophie share their beauty tips and disasters!

1. The best product your sister introduced to you?

Nicola: Soph has amazingly long, thick, straight hair – no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to grow my hair like this!

Although I may not have the length, she recommended some products to keep my hair in good condition – and the one I can't live without is my Tangle Teezer. It's such a stroke of luck when you're in a hurry and it definitely kept my hair in better shape with fewer breaks.

Sophie: My sister has flawless skin, which can be very annoying! Especially when I had problems with my skin. Since working at Pai Skincare, Nik has recommended the cleaner and rice plant toner instead of the makeup wipes I used and the scrub. It is the only product that has worked wonders to clean my blackheads!

2. What was your biggest beauty disaster?

Nicola: Oh, there were a few self-tanning defects that we should say during her college days, but the best thing has to be when she decided that it would be a good idea to shave her dry Legs! It came out in a big rash and, understandably, was really sore and bumpy for a few days, ouch …

Sophie: Maybe at the time when Nicola decided to pull blonde and bronze highlights through her beautiful long black hair. I remember walking into her room and watching her try to make it herself – with a head full of tin foil and hair dye everywhere! It was definitely the last time she tried to dye at home!

Do you love sharing your new beauty finds with your sister? Then remember to refer them to Pai this week, and you'll both get 10% off on your next order! Simply enter your details in this form.

Tomorrow more sisterly advice!

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