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Skin Care Heroes for Winter Struggling

How to keep your sensitive skin happy in the colder months

Did you know that our skin produces 10% less oil with every drop in temperature? All skin types naturally become drier in winter because the air humidity is lower.

This is not the only culprit. Moisturizing central heating and the effects of a vacation diet can take its toll. It very often happens that the skin feels tight, is desperate and generally needs some TLC.

Here are some gentle ways to fight the harshness of winter and keep your skin healthy all season – no matter what skin type you are.

Peeling without irritation

If you notice scaly patches in winter, you are not alone. Using a scrub can be daunting, but don't worry, not all scrubs are created equal. If you carefully remove the dandruff, your oil or moisturizer can penetrate deeper into the skin and do its job better.

Our omega and vitamin-rich Kukui & Jojoba Pearl Skin Lightening Peeling is an extremely gentle approach to peeling.

The 100% natural and biodegradable jojoba pearls gently polish even the most sensitive skin without causing irritation or damage. Massage into dry skin and watch how it turns into silky milk when moistened. Your soft, smooth and well-groomed skin will thank you.

Oil on

Add a facial oil to your winter skin routine to ensure hydration. Massaging 2-3 drops of our rose hip organic regeneration oil into clean, slightly damp skin or adding it to your usual moisturizer can work wonders.

Rosehip BioRegenerat oil filled with unsaturated fatty acids will surely give you the much-needed moisture hit. The natural antioxidant beta-carotene can also alleviate the harmful and drying effects of winter. And if you're prone to redness and blemishes, its anti-inflammatory properties help soothe and rebalance the blood.

Nourishing drought

Cracked lips and cracked hands are a common winter pain. Our head to toe hero Buriti Balm consists of a combination of nutritious organic vegetable oils. Use it in your worst areas, feel how it absorbs, soothes and soothes.

Buriti oil rich in antioxidants can really increase the suppleness of your skin. While the natural anti-inflammatory marigold soothes the skin, a unique blend of omegas helps moisturize and protect your skin's sensitive barrier.

With these gentle changes to your routine, it may not be that difficult to achieve this elusive winter glow.

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