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Skincare routines for watermarks

We gathered here at Pai headquarters with the earth, fire, water and air signs to find the best daily routines for each of their elemental signs. Here are some things we learned along the way …

Watermarks are sensitive and sensitive and always pay attention to everyone else. Our gentle cleaning and rose hip oil kit shows you love again.


But first tea. That is a given. Then it's a quick splash of water in the shower, followed by a couple of pumps of day cream. Tomorrow is no time for faffling.


An esteemed bedtime ritual. Remove the day with our Camellia & Rose Cleanser using the soft terry side of our muslin fabric. Take the time to massage the cleansing cream into your skin, including along the lash line, to remove the eye make-up. Finally, apply a splash of tonic and then massage 3-4 drops of rose hip oil into the skin. Apply a pump of eye cream and climb into bed completely pampered.

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