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The C-word: What causes cellulite and how will you eliminate it?

Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not only caused by excess fat and can also occur in the leanest women.

With the summer here and the prospect of exposing skin affected by cellulite, I did a little research and came across some interesting information from the Australian nutritionist Cyndi O & # 39; Meara .

It appears that the following factors can contribute to cellulite:

1. Genetics and hormones

2. Malnutrition A low-protein diet cannot support the connective tissue that keeps the skin strong and firm.

3. Poor circulation and digestion – If your body does not digest protein efficiently, it cannot choose the right amino acids that are responsible for the above process.

4. Lack of exercise

5. Diet with a high milk and sugar content

6. Pollution, chemicals and toxins – Toxins can settle in the connective tissue and lead to decomposition and ripple.

7. Stress – burns valuable nutrients that could otherwise have been used to repair connective tissue.

How can I get rid of it?

I am still doubtful whether you can get rid of cellulite and would be suspicious of products or therapies that make this claim without scientific evidence.

However, if you prevent and avoid these main causes and triggers, you can certainly prevent and reduce their appearance.

For me, the toxin factor is the key. "Toxin" is a general term for a substance or chemical that has no positive use in the body.

These can be absorbed, absorbed or inhaled, among other things, by pollution, pesticides and additives in food as well as chemicals in personal care products.

Avoiding these can have a number of health benefits, although given their abundance it is easier said than done.

Interestingly, Cyndi O’Meara believes that there is a direct link between the rise in “modern” health problems and our increased toxin consumption:

"Forty of fifty years ago, something changed … People were more interested in supplying their brains with information and less worried about what they were feeding their bodies.

This was the beginning of the take-away age; Fast food, new technologies, genetically modified food and the introduction of thousands of unprecedented chemicals into our food chain.

Since then, many new health problems have raised their heads.

What do you think? Does your cellulite bother you? And do you think it's a relatively "modern" health problem?

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