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The Month-to-month Edit: June Skin Care

Every month we report which products are in the top rotation. Our philosophy is simple: Just as we change our wardrobe depending on the weather or current mood, we also change our skin care products accordingly. This month is all about balancing the skin while fighting warm weather issues like excess oil, congestion, and the occasional one or two breakouts.

These are our June skin care basics:

For a fresh glow, we start every day (and end every night) with Enzyme Cleansing Gel. It's a classic detergent that we love all year round, but as the first sign of summer, it's kept on the sink permanently. (In fact, we put the jumbo version in our shower and the full-size bottle on our bathroom countertop for easy access.)

Here's why we love it:

  • Thanks to its oil-free, non-foaming gel formula, it is universal – which means that all skin types feel exceptionally clean, not dry or tight.
  • Papaya and grapefruit extract are infused to give the skin a rejuvenating boost when cleansed.
  • Excess oil and surface contaminants are rinsed off, leaving the skin bright and refreshed.

We love summer – but for most of us, the skin tends to become oilier and prone to breakouts in warmer weather. To keep the skin clear, we're improving our toning game by introducing Special Cucumber Lotion, a clarifying astringent specially formulated for oily, troubled skin.

(Not prone to acne? You will find the best toner for your skin type in our toner manual.)

Another skin care favorite in June? Cucumber Tonic Mask, the strongest of our cleansing masks. Formulated with kaolin clay, zinc oxide, and cucumber extract, this must-have summer treat helps remove pore-clogging impurities and give oily skin a cooling boost.

#MBSkinTip : When you're ready to remove your mask, spray your face liberally with your favorite Mario Badescu face spray to make the cleansing process easier. When you're done, spray again for a moisturizing, botanical boost.

We're the last to play favorites with our facial sprays, but if there's a fog match in the sky in summer, this is it.

It is infused with:

  • Aloe Vera to calm the hydration
  • Cucumber extract and essential cucumber water for refreshing and cooling
  • Peppermint essential water for an invigorating boost
  • Green tea extract to ward off free skin radicals

… this is the perfect pick-me-up on the hottest days. Keep brownie dots in your fridge or cooler. If the air conditioning doesn't work or the beach is too hot, this good quality botanical bottle will make you feel fresh and moist. Simply spray, mist and glow.

A.H.A. Botanical body soap is another long-running favorite, for which we are particularly grateful in summer. Formulated with a blend of fruit enzymes, ginseng and linden to revitalize the skin with every shower, this daily body wash will leave you feeling thoroughly clean and refreshed.

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