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The proper summer time physique lotion

The border may not exist – but the perfect summer body lotion.

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<h2 style= What it is:

Summer Shine Body Lotion a.k.a. Bottled in summer. This seemingly unlikely feat was somehow accomplished by such a Mario Badescu … which means you have full access to warm weather and sun-kissed glow no matter where you are or what time of the year.

What it does:

Gives a shining highlight wherever it is used and slightly moisturizes the skin. This light body cream has been formulated with nourishing oils and antioxidant vitamin A to nourish the skin. It is exactly the product you want when you want to see your limbs. A subtle shimmer creates a beautiful shine and makes the skin soft, smooth and radiant.

What we love about it:

It is the perfect pick-me-up on the darkest days or in the deepest winter – but it is also the typical summer must-have that reinforces every moment on the beach or every tropical vacation by adjusting the mood and lighting. It smells of summer as much as possible. Light, fresh, sweet, bright and coconut-like, Summer Shine Body Lotion is both delicious and delicious and adds a hint of addictive sweet (but never unbearable saccharin) fragrance.

But smell aside, it's beautiful. A subtle shimmer gives the skin a refined character, like the sun or the candlelight you found.


Apply Summer Shine Body Lotion wherever your heart desires. Do it like the make-up artist behind the scenes before you send models over the runway: apply it wherever the skin is exposed to a beautiful shine. Or, for a more subtle approach, apply it only where the light hits your skin naturally: on the collarbones, on the shoulders, and on the front of your legs.

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