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The Yoga journal says "Calm delicate skin with nature (& Pai)"

A big thank you to the holistic heroes of Yoga Magazine who introduced us to this month's beauty pages.

The fabulous article Soothe Sensitive Skin with Nature describes organic areas as the obvious protection against the "toxic barrier of various chemicals" in mainstream products.

About two million of us are reported to respond to these chemicals, including detergents, alcohols, and preservatives (e.g., phenoxyethanol).

To sensitize your skin care regime, Yoga Magazine says:

& # 39; Remove [cleanser] with moistened organic Cotton wool or a muslin cloth from a certified organic company like Pai, which also produces a special daily moisturizer especially for sensitive skin.

Your Chamomile & Rosehip-sensitive skin cream (£ 22) uses the purest organic ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and hydrate. & # 39;

The good news is that Da Pai says no to all common irritants, our entire range is suitable for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Shop safely at

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