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Three steps to radiant skin

Let's face it, we are busy women. With jobs, ambitions, homes and children that you have to think about (often all at the same time!), There is little time left to devote to ourselves.

One thing I've always believed in is that a beauty regime doesn't have to be time consuming to be effective, especially when it comes to skin care.

The easier products can be in your diary, the better.

That's why the Pai team and I created this year's Limited Edition Rosehip 3-Step Facial Set .

Using the powers of organic rose hip oil, a multitasking miracle, revives dull skin in three simple steps.

Step 1. Apply a generous layer Rosehip BioRegenerate Face Mask to clean, dry skin, paying attention to the area around the eyes and lips.

Our Limited Edition Rosehip BioRegenerate Face Mask is a brand new product for Christmas 2012. It consists of deeply filling butter and erases the skin with long-lasting moisture, increases softness and suppleness.

Step 2. Place a warm, damp organic muslin cloth over your face and relax for 5-8 minutes. Then use the cloth to remove the mask, rinse and repeat until the traces of adding are removed.

Pai Organic muslin wipes offer a gentle peeling for additional smoothness.

Step 3. Pat 2-3 drops Rosehip BioRegeneratöl into damp skin until it is completely absorbed.

Our award-winning facial oil delivers the full range of Omegas 3,6,7 & 9 for ultimate skin conditioning. It not only lightens the skin tone, but also promotes an even, clear and healthy complexion.

Our limited edition 3-step face set with rose hips is now available at .

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