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Very near Pai and Natalie Portman

] The magazine's "Up Close: Natalie Portman" feature reveals the secrets behind the flawless appearance of the A-List star. In it Natalie says:

"I use a British moisturizer from Pai [Chamomile & Rosehip Sensitive Skin Cream] – it's a really nice organic moisturizer."

Surprisingly, Natalie also admits that she has a sloppy fashion sense and, of course, triangular hair! We don't believe her for a second, but with Pai nearby she can at least be sure that her skin is in safe hands …

Sarah's blog on organic skin care –

Sarah is the founder of Pai Skincare, an organic skin care line for sensitive skin.

Girl 19

I just turned 19, puberty is the most afraid of acne. Types of acne are scary. This blog is where I record the experiences gained from my acne treatment process and learn online

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