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What are darkish circles and how will you do away with them?

For a long time we were not quite sure why dark rings appeared. Possible causes were smoking, vitamin K deficiency, iron deficiency (anemia) and lack of sleep.

While all of this and more (including allergies, age, and menstruation) may be true, dermatologists now believe that dark circles are created as a result of a process similar to that that causes bruises.

The tiny capillaries that line the skin occasionally leak blood, which changes color from red to bluish / purple when broken down.

This process probably takes place all over the body, but since the skin around the eye area (periorbital) on the face is thinnest, the results are much clearer.

The key to improving your appearance lies in ingredients that strengthen the skin – such as echium, rose hip and marigold, which have been shown to promote cell regeneration.

Our Echium BioRejuvenate Eye Cream is ideal for sensitive skin – buy it alone for £ 24 or as part of our Pai Skincare Starter Kit for £ 15.

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