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What to do with merchandise that you simply can’t use?

Stick to products that are not suitable for your skin?

Whatever the reason, we all seem to have one or two products on the back of our bathroom cabinets.

Good eviction can feel really liberating, especially once you've found a routine that works for you.

It also eliminates the temptation to hack and change a product or to try again that you know will irritate your skin.

If you want to let go, here are our top tips on how to deal with products you can't use:

Pass it on

J Just because a product is not entirely suitable for your skin does not necessarily mean that it does not perfectly match your roommate, your best friend, your colleague or your long-lost relative .


Some charities accept unused and unopened cosmetics, but what about the products you've tried for a day or two before you find they're not quite right?

If your products are in a condition that you would like to share with a friend, you should donate them to an animal shelter.

Founded by skincare expert and blogger Caroline Hirons, Give and Makeup is a nonprofit initiative in the UK that helps do everyday things (including cosmetics and clothing) in the hands of women and children in refugee centers .


Would you like to give a product another chance to keep its place in your beauty range? Try it differently!

Moisturizer or oil that is not quite right on your face? It could be better tolerated on harder skin like feet or elbows.

Hair conditioner that leaves your hair flat? Use it instead of shaving cream or gel.


Obsolete products?

Before throwing them in the trash, check for a recycling logo and empty any leftovers.

Don't be tempted to pour products down the drain. Not all cosmetics can be easily degraded by water treatments and can contaminate fresh or sea water.

The best (but not ideal) solution is to decant unwanted toiletries into your normal trash.

If your product is empty, check that it is fully recyclable. It may need to be disassembled to be properly recycled.

Avoid getting stuck with products that are not suitable for your skin! We offer a 90 day return period so you can shop risk-free.

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