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What’s skin metabolism?

Did you know that your skin has a metabolism …? No really.

Guggul Oil, one of the pioneering ingredients in our Age Confidence Oil, is one of the most exciting organic discoveries made at Pai headquarters. Guggul oil actually increases the skin's metabolism for a lighter, revitalized complexion.

While doing research on the product, we found that many people didn't know there was something like skin metabolism! Here you can find more information on skin metabolism and how you can keep it in top condition …

The metabolism of your skin works in a similar way to your digestive metabolism. It measures how quickly cells "communicate" with each other, react and take action.

If your skin's metabolism is going well – the cells flake off themselves, UV damage is repaired and collagen production remains constant.

As with all biological systems, however, your skin's metabolism slows down with age. Therefore, we may notice fine lines and wrinkles when we find that we have three slices of cake and can no longer mock!

The skin's metabolism can be slowed down even further by external aggressors such as smoking, sun exposure and sugar. Each of these fabrics contributes to dullness, dark spots and wrinkles.

Just like your digestive metabolism, the metabolism of your skin at any age can be stimulated by simple habits and lifestyle choices. Age Confidence is all about taking control of your skin health. So follow my top tips for radiant, radiant and alert skin !

Eat leafy greens and oily fish

Increase your intake of antioxidants and omega-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, dark berries and oily fish. Antioxidants help repair skin cell damage, while Omegas makes cells plump and actively increases cell turnover.

facial massage

If you integrate simple facial massage techniques into your skin care in the mornings and evenings, you can improve the blood flow to the skin cells. This rush of oxygenated blood repairs broken cell connections and immediately jumps to a slow skin metabolism.

Protect against UV & free radicals

Did you know that sun damage accounts for 90% of premature aging ? Be sensible – don't fry your skin in strong sunlight. Wear protection and stay away from the midday sun. A little bit of sunlight is good for us – it's a real case of everything in (safer!) Proportions.

Quit smoking!

If you needed another reason to quit – smoking slows down your skin metabolism significantly, which is why smokers are more likely to wrinkle than non-smokers.

Smoking damages the mitochondria of the skin cells – essentially the part of the cell that processes nutrients and converts them into energy. As soon as these are damaged, communication between the cells decreases and collagen bonds are broken down.

So will you help boost your skin's metabolism?

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