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Why do we are saying no to airbrushing and retouching?

You may have seen our new photos and videos of your favorite Pai products in action. You're pretty good, aren't you?

We are so proud of these videos because we chose not to use models, but instead asked our own Pai staff to play in them. We wanted you to see what Pai looks like on your skin, never retouched, never airbrushed.

Behind the scenes with Emily, our amazing trade marketing manager, she became a model

So many members of the Pai team came to the company because in the past they had their own sensitive skin problems and wanted to work for a brand that they could really leave behind when it came to helping others to find calm skin. This is why we think that they are the best women for this job when it comes to demonstrating our products for you.

Right: Holly, our sensitive skin coach and Pais' very first employee in 2008

If you, like the Pai team, are ready to get your skin under control, you can book a free consultation online with our skin care specialists.

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